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Retreat Schedule

I am so honored you are considering taking part in this amazing opportunity for Mid-Missouri. Whatever your experience is in yoga, meditation, fitness etc all levels are welcomed and encouraged. I assure you proper teaching and modifications will be provided to suit your level. I specifically designed the workshops to cater to all levels. Entry gives you access to everything listed below. Access to individual workshops are available for purchase at $25 per workshop. Go to Book Online to register for each workshop you want to attend.




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  • Opening Ceremony with meditation and yoga session

  • Introduction of workshop providers

  • Overview of Schedule


  • Dinner on or off property



  • Yoga on Hole #13


  • Breakfast on or off property​


  • Lifestyle Coaching Workshop

  • Acro Yoga Workshop


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  • Chakra Yoga Workshop

  • Nutrition Workshop


  • Ha Ha Tonka Hike Excursion

  • Yin Yoga Workshop


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Awaken your chakras with me beginning in
My practice...... My first ever forearm



  • Walking and Guided Meditation Session

7-9am ​

  • Breakfast on or off property


  • Restorative Yoga Workshop

  • Body Balance Workshop


  • Lunch on or off property


  • Ending Ceremony


Instructor Spotlight

Meet the workshop providers and find more details about their individual workshops.

Kalise Lischwe

Acro Yoga Workshop

    Kali has blessed the lake area in SUP yoga, across yoga, aerial hammock yoga, bungee fitness, performances, acro and SUP retreats, children's classes and more. 

    After receiving her certification in aerial arts from Voler Aerial Arts Studio in Kansas City, MO and SUP certification in Ft Lauderdale, FL she began Kali's Maluhia SUP Yoga in 2017. Worldwide retreat participant and teacher her vast knowledge offers a unique experience. 

    When she is not running her business she is caring for her 2 children, pets, and cattle ranch. Her motto is to Live With Purpose! She leads by example and I am so honored to have her as a workshop presenter! 

    So what exactly is acro yoga? It involves 3 primary roles. The base, flyer, and spotter. The base person is the individual who has the most contact with the ground. The base provides stability and support for the flyer, often laying entirely down on floor at a beginner level.

    Next you have the flyer. This is the individual who is elevated off the ground by the base. The flyer can move into gravity based positions at a beginner level then advance into a series of dynamic positions. 

    Last we have the spotter or spotters. This individual objectively watches their partners, and whose entire focus is on making sure the flyer lands safely if they fall. Recommendations to the base and flyer can be made if the spotter is aware of anything that may improve form and/or safety. 

    Acrobatics is the physical part of acro yoga. It incorporates gymnastics techniques with teamwork to produce poses. At a beginner level static poses are the final goal. Dynamic series posing comes with progression. 

    All fitness levels are able to participate. No experience necessary.

    Find out more about her business on

 Facebook: Kali's Maluhia SUP Yoga

Instagram: kalimaluhiasup

Web: www.kaliamaluhia.com 

    You may experience her unique style of teaching Saturday March 7th from 9-11am. Location of workshop to be announced at opening ceremony. Single workshop $25.


Charis Patires

Lake of the Ozarks Yoga & Fitness
Chakra Balancing Workshop

Charis founded Lake of the Ozarks Yoga and Fitness in 2013, and has completed hundreds of hours of certifications in Yoga, Barre and Spin. She provides classes at the Tri-County YMCA of the Ozarks, Spa Shiki at the Lodge of Four Seasons, and at different locations for charity events including the Dogwood Animal Shelter. Her teaching style is suitable for all hearts and bodies. 
Her motto is: to make yoga and fitness accessible to everyone in a relatable, fun and relaxed atmosphere. Her goal is: to give her students a judgement-free space that allows them to improve their lifestyle, and lead them on a path of healing and growth. (Successful transformation comes in many shapes and sizes!) 
Charis has spent most of her life at Lake of the Ozarks — her love for people, animals and her community has helped this area thrive. Her day job is an editor for Vacation News and Lake Lifestyles magazines at Lake Media, so she can relate to having to manage a full-time career, a business and family. For years she has been actively involved in hosting various charity events, and has held positions on non-profit boards to help make the Lake a great place to live and work. Her free time is spent continuing education in areas of yoga and fitness, and boating with friends and family. 
Find out more about her on Facebook at Lake of the Ozarks Yoga & Fitness, and on Instagram @loto_yoga_fitness.   

    You can join Charis's Self-Care & Working with the Chakras Workshop Saturday March 7th from 1:30-3:30pm
This workshop will cover topics that relate to self-care and working with the Chakras. Charis will provide an introduction into the seven major chakras (the body’s energy system), and how each one affects the body. Students will be guided through a a process to determine which chakras are out of balance and how to bring them more into alignment. After learning the basics, the class will go through a series of sun salutations to stimulate each chakra and get moving! 
The remainder of the workshop will focus on self-care: how to set boundaries, take better care of yourself, be happier, and live a more peaceful and harmonious life.
The workshop will include some journaling. Materials will be provided. 

You may book this workshop only for $25. 

Traci Neal

Yin Yoga Workshop
Restorative Yoga Workshop

     Traci received her 200hr YTT at Ozark Mountain Yoga in Springfield, MO April of 2018 with an emphasis in Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga. Her personal preference of yoga is a slow meditative flow, yin and restorative. Her experience brings over 250 teaching hours and over 20 hours of continuing education. Her precise attention to detail allows for an individualized experience in every class. Teaching is her first passion; yoga is her second. She can be found leading classes at Integrity Yoga Wellness Center, Old Kinderhook Resort and Spa, and School of the Osage. 
      Traci can also be found at School of the Osage teaching 7th Language Arts. Amidst teaching 5 days a week, yoga 3-4 days a week, pursuing her masters degree she cares for her son, dog and daughter in college. "I came to yoga as a way to heal my physical body and ended up healing my emotional health's well. I believe in the healing power of yoga, pranayama and meditation."

    She will be leading the Yin Yoga workshop Saturday from 4pm-6pm. Yin yoga's focus for the physical body is to stretch the connective tissue by applying moderate stress to the tendons, fascia, and ligaments with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. This style allows a more meditative approach to yoga with its goals are awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality. This is a passive practice where poses are held for longer periods of time approx 2-4 min with a deeper practice to open the heart and invoke the primal self. Yin energy is passive, lunar, cooling, and feminine. It allows you the time and space needed for emotions, thoughts, and feelings you have within to surface. Once at surface you observe and let go. It cultivates compassion, acceptance, and love for ourselves. This workshop will teach you how to find a place of comfort in not-so-comfortable places, how to grow yourself through a meditative state, and how to open yourself to a blissful experience in the vastness of within. 

      On Sunday from 9am-11am she will lead the Restorative Workshop. Restorative yoga allows the body to fully release by resting in supported poses for an extended amount of time, approx 5-7 min. It is a practice that triggers the parasympathetic nervous system which allows the body to slow down and recover. It combats a hectic lifestyle hence triggering the "fight or flight" response within our bodies. The slower movements cultivate space for a deeper experience and allows more awareness of the physical sensations therefore becoming fully present in the current moment. As the practice expands, the mind is carried from a waking state of consciousness into the silent space between your thoughts; the space from where you're able to glimpse the soul and awaken the divinity within. Through surrendering to the poses your ability broadens to let go of preconceived notions of your body and how you think it should look and feel in and out of a pose, on and off your mat. 

    Both of these heart and mind expanding workshops will take place in the Creekview Conference Center. Bolsters will be provided. Bring your own blanket optional. 

Danielle Waterfall.jpg

Danielle Dittberner

Reach 4 More 
Lifestyle Coaching Workshop

Embrace your authentic self with Danielle Dittberner. Danielle is a certified life transformation coach. Owner of Reach 4 More Coaching with an online basis and physically located in Lake Ozark, MO. 

    It's human nature to want to be our best selves. Many times we need outside helot motivate us, find encouragement, and achieve growth. Humans thrive when we have strong support systems in place. We are not meant to walk the path alone. 

    Danielle's incredible background is as follows

1. Core Essentials Graduate at Coach U April 2015

2. Certified Practioner of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile with Eckerd College December 2016

3.  Authorized Partner with Wiley, The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team December 2016

4. Authorized Partner with Wiley,  Everything DiSC January 2017 

5. Associate Certified Coach with International Coach Federation; completed 200+ ICF accredited coach training hours

6. Advanced Coaching Program Graduate at Coach U June 2018

7. Mastery for Coaches Program with Alyssa Nobriga June 2018

8. Conversational Intelligence for Coaches Program with Judith Glaser December 2018

   Her first career began as a social worker. She progressed from there to a personal and small business banker at a Fortune 500 Corporate bank. From there she embraced the opportunity to manage programs at Kelley Executive Partners; the Executive Education Department under the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Her ability to identify and proactively address concerns made her a leader in creating customized solutions. Nurturing relationships was her key to successful careers. But the management of such a demanding career with lack of self care knowledge took its toll. She pulled away and researched personal development avenues. This opened the doors for what was to become Reach 4 More Coaching in December of 2017.

    She discovered tools and secrets from her comprehensive trainings for overcoming copious challenges. With her expansive background with interpersonal relationships relating these tools to others comes so natural for her. Her workshop will leave you inspired, motivated, empowered, and confident. Find out more through her website reach4more.com


    You can participate in Danielle's workshop Saturday March 7th from 9-11am. Location to be announced at opening ceremony.  Single workshop $25. She will be available for private one on one sessions as well.

mary easy sit.jpg

Mary Self

Healing Hands Intuitive Therapeutic Massage
Body Balance Workshop

    Mary Self is a licensed massage therapist, licensed massage therapist mentor, yoga instructor, mom and friend.

    Her background brings lifelong intuitive healing experiences for the mind and physical body. As owner of Healing Hands Intuitive Therapeutic Massage, the home of her massage therapist educator program, she provides the Lake of the Ozarks with a vast array of body work principles as follows:

Swedish Therapuetic,

Deep Tissue,

Myofascial Release,

Sports Massage,

Trigger Point,

Energy Work/Chakra Balancing ,



Crystal Healing,

Precision Meuromuscular,

Spa Services, and 

Thai Body Work.

Her career officially began upon her successful completion of the Professional Massage Training Center in Springfield, MO in 2001 after a 600 hr study course and clinical training at St John's Hammons Heart Institute. She provided her massage and yoga services in spa and salon settings, fitness centers, wellness centers and onsite locations upon request. She opened the doors to her very own studio in Lake Ozark, MO in 2018. Also beginning her Massage Therapist Educator Program in 2018 when became a LMTM, state licensed massage therapist mentor, an apprenticeship program. 

    Mary will present to us on Sunday March 8th from 9-11am her Body Balance Workshop. Healing begins on the inside. Once progress has begun the external body follows and a free life can be lived. What can you do in your everyday living to make healing a habitual act? Mary will go over things from proper body mechanics to protect our physical bodies to daily energy work you can perform, utilizing herbs and crystals in your daily life to provide our body a nourished homeopathic state on which to function. 

Dr Wrendy Marcinik

Sqez Juice and Health 
Nutrition Workshop

   Wrendy Marcinik, a lifelong resident to lake of the ozarks, a lifelong pursuer of healthy living for the body and the mind. She began massage therapy at a young age fresh out of high school. After 15 years she yearned for more for her patients. She opened the doors to Sqez Juice & Health in 2018 then became active for providing chiropractic care in 2019. 

   At Sqez, along with amazing staff, they offer a full service juice, smoothie, and coffee bar, along with Principled Chiropractic, Massage, Cupping Treatments, Reiki, Lymphatic Massage, Cold Laser Treatments, Rife Machine Treatments and Lifestyle Programs. Also offered are classes that include nutrition, lifestyle, guided meditation and more. 

     Their goal is to provide a space where you can explore whole body health; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spirituality. A space where people of all ages come to grow, heal, and embrace health in all areas of their life.  It is our mission to help you and your family embrace healthy lifestyle in a fun, sustainable, real-life way.  They don’t care if you are a health nut (a not so healthy nut), trying to find your path, in pain, or trying to recover from a rough weekend, they have it all.

   Wrendy has 2 beautiful children. Both continuing their educations past high school, one of which works alongside her at Sqez. Truly a family run expanding entity the lake is blessed to have. Her hobbies are living a lake life to the fullest. Fueled by a zest for living she is found actively working with women's groups, charities, volunteering, and donating Sqez essentials to local events. 

    Saturday March 7th from 1:30-3:30pm will be her workshop presentation. You will not be disappointed! Find her on Facebook @ Sqez Juice and Health, Dr Wrendy Marcinik, or at her website www.sqezjuicehealth.com



Change Your Life

Hi! My name is Yolanda Kehr. I am a Registered 200hr Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. I am a Certified Group Fitness Instructor with AFAA Athletics & Fitness Association of America. I graduated from Tri-County Technical Center in 2004 from the LPN program. 

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