Class Styles

Yoga Class


This class is offered in multiple styles. Bikram style will be structured with 26 poses in a hot environment. Approx 3 min will be spent in each pose. Power yoga is an intense flow in a heated environment. Hot Yoga Flow is a vinyasa flow in a heated environment.

Contraindications: Pregnancy, cardiac concerns, sensitivity to heat.

Zen Garden

Wednesday Beginner Yoga Mix 6PM

$11 Drop In

Couple Running



     Are you wanting to begin a fitness routine but don't know where to start? Do you have a current routine but have hit walls, barriers holding you back from th next level? Do you train a specific sport that requires repetitive movements? 

    Then my one on one personal sessions can provide exactly what you are looking for. Every second is devoted to you. Minute details that can provide dramatic results. Results that are tailored to your needs. 


    One of the greatest assets I have found in my health and fitness journey is accountability. To have someone else encourage, assess, modify, and keep my actions in line with my goals.

     I work with individuals one on one to identify goals and struggles. We make plans together and adjust with each session to assure the results you desire in configuration with your body. We will find exactly what works the best for you, your body, and your life. Together goals are accomplished. 

$75 One Session

$280 Four Sessions paid in full

$560 Eight Sessions paid in full

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